Aquamancer Quest

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How to start:
Gather the correct items.

4 Sapphire Katana
5 Water Staff
40 Water Core
Zodiac watercore.png
Requiring these items will take perseverance or a lot of money, especially the Water Cores, but it's worth it in the long run.

Now, when you have all of the required items! Let's go get that Aquamancer Class! Go to the Elemental Dungeon where the Giant Slime is located. You are actually going to have the go in the room where the slime is and the Rune of Ser (Looks just like the Fairy Essense) is located right behind him. Since it is behind him, you may actually need a party to kill him so you can offer your items with no problems at all. Once you have offered your items individually and are on your Priest character, you will have the Aquamancer Class unlocked, congratulations!

Above image is the Rune of Ser for your reference.

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