Bladeweaver Quest

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Bladeweaver Quest

Becoming a bladeweaver! It is easier than it sounds, and this is how you can do it.

The teacher, which is located here, in Agara;


Is waiting for you inside. He will ignore you, unless you bring him a collection of blades. These include:


Miasma Blade.jpg

Opaque Katana.jpg

Dread Sword.jpg

Golden Twinblade.jpg

Blood Sabre.jpg

Hades Blade.jpg

Azures Skies Cutlass.jpg

Infernal Sword.jpg

Black Crystal Blade.jpg

If you are unsure about where these items drop, PM the NPCServer "What drops (itemname)"

After you collect those various blades, and talk to the Teacher, you may now become a Bladeweaver.

Once you level up to 60 on your Bladeweaver, you can get the exclusive class accessory, by talking to the Teacher one more time.

Insignia of the Blade.jpg

"Never let your blade dull."

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