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Every time you level you get to increase a class level. At the start you get to decide between one of the base classes and with the right combination of classes will unlock a hybrid class. Prestige classes must be unlocked via quest before you attempt to make them. Some hybrid classes must be unlocked via quest as well. These classes include: Avenger, Bladeweaver, & Runeprowler.


Due to the development process of Zodiac class details such as Skills, and CMP information may be out of date, you should always check with players, and with the command in game "/skills (class name)" for an up to date list of skills and such.

Base Classes

Hybrid Classes

Prestige Classes

These classes are unlocked by completing quests and must be leveled from 1 to 60 before they can be class reseted to.

Please visit this page Prestige Class Quests to see how to unlock these Prestige Classes

Misc. Classes

Archived Classes

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