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Dark Knights harness dark magic. They have a very rounded stat growth and use both swords and scythes. At higher levels, they can inflict various status effects and absorb the life of enemies. Dark Knight is derived from Level 10 Warrior and Level 10 Necromancer.

Stat Gains

Dark Knights gain the following stats each class level:

  • 3.5 strength
  • 2 dexterity
  • 3.5 intelligence
  • 2 stamina
  • 1 luck


Name: Blight
Price: 8,000
Level: 2
Info: Inflicts a poison upon an enemy.
Cooldown: 15 Seconds.

Name: Blind
Price: 10,000
Level: 4
Info: Inflicts blind upon an enemy.
Cooldown: 17 Seconds.

Name: Grim Reaper
Price: 11,000
Level: 6
Info: Killing blows absorb souls.
Cooldown: 0 Seconds.

Name: Drain
Price: 12,500
Level: 8
Info: Drains life from the target.
Cooldown: 19 Seconds.

Name: Siphon
Price: 14,000
Level: 10
Info: Drains magic from the target.
Cooldown: 6 Seconds.

Name: Scythe Mastery
Price: 22,500
Level: 12
Info: Increases damage of scythes.
Cooldown: 0 Seconds.

Name: Sleep
Price: 25,000
Level: 14
Info: Puts your target to sleep.
Cooldown: 25 Seconds.

Name: Damnation
Price: 30000
Level: 16
Info: Reduces healing on target.
Cooldown: 0 Seconds.

Name: Nightmare
Price: 33,000
Level: 18
Info: Gives sleeping target nightmares.
Cooldown: 5 Seconds.

Name: Blood Vortex
Price: 42,000
Level: 22

Name: Shadow Swipe
Price: 46,000
Level: 24
Info: Summons spinning dark energy.
Cooldown: 13 Seconds.

Name: Shadowguard
Price: 48,000
Level: 26
Info: Calls shadows for protection.
Cooldown: 0 Seconds.

Name: Soul Rip
Price: 51,000
Level: 28
Cooldown: .

Name: Plague
Price: 55,000
Level: 30

Name: Demonize
Price: 55,000
Level: 30
Info: Summons mythic power.
Cooldown: 0 Seconds.

Name: Demonic Manifestation
Price: 57,000
Level: 30
Info: Summons mythic power.
Cooldown: 0 Seconds.

Name: Scythe Mastery II
Price: 60,000
Level: 34
Info: Increases damage of scythes greatly.
Cooldown: 0 Seconds.

Name: Blight Bomb
Price: 57,500
Level: 36

Class CMP

Vampirism- Increases the effects of Drain, Siphon, and Absorb by 5/10/15%.

Improved Shadowguard- Raises the chance of your Shadowguard activating by 1/3/4%.

Unholy Whisper- Lengthens status-inflicting spell effects by 10/20/30%.

Light Eater- Your physical attacks and some spells deal an extra 5/10/15 damage for each point of light affinity the enemy has.

Demonic Calling- Empowers the effects of your Demonic Manifestation (34/37/40% damage increase buff)

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