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Earth! Wind! Water! Fire! Heart!

With your powers combined...I am Captain Planet!

Actually, no. The key in maximizing your elements is to figure the top two skill elements you use most in combat. You can figure out the element of a skill by opening up your skill menu (press E) and click on the skill. The element of the skill will be displayed in the following format:

Type: <Element>

Depending on the amount of affinity in the element, your efficiency in the skill type will increase. However, if you put your affinity in one element, the element opposite to that will decrease in potency.

Lucky for you, there will be a listing the contrasting elements:

  • Fire and water.
  • Earth and wind.
  • Light and dark.

Stay clear of using both contrasting elements in your build if you want to get the most out of your skills. The elemental damage is only achieved with the weapon if it says " <elementaldamagetype> enhancement". Otherwise elemental damage is not dealt.

Rule for contrasting elements:

  • One affinity generates half a point of negative opposite affinity.

For example, if you have ten fire affinity, you will generate negative five water affinity.
Note: Affinity value will not drop below zero.