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Macros allow you to make hot keys for common actions such as equipping a weapon or casting a spell, at first the system may appear tricky to get a hold of but after learning the basics you'll be a macro master in no time!

How To

There are four main functions that can be done using the macro system:

  • Casting skills
  • Equipping armor and weapons
  • Using items
  • Saying phrases with ease

Before you can do anything, you would need to open up the macro GUI by pressing the N button. An interface will appear representing a keyboard. If the interface didn't open check which key it's mapping to by using the /keymapping command. After pressing 'N', you should see this:

HOTK copy.jpg

In order to begin the recording phase click on the key you would like to assign a command to. You can even access more keys by holding down the Shift, ALT, and/or CTRL keys down. Once you click the key, it will say "Recording for <key you clicked>."

Next, perform the action you desire.

  • Use a skill to record a skill.
  • Equip an armor / weapon to assign it to a key.
  • Use an item.
  • Type out the phrase in your chat box (accessed by pressing tab) and press enter.

Lastly, finish the recording by pressing the N button once again.

Note: You can type /wait <amount of time> if you want to space out your macros.


Say you want to macro three Minor Heals in a row. Here's how you do it:
1) Press N.
2) Click the key you want to assign it to.
3) Select Minor Heal from your skills menu (default key: E).
4) Use the skill by pressing D.
5) Open your skills menu and look where it says Time: and type in /wait <enter the number it says after Time: and add .5 to that number>.
6) Repeat step 4.
7) Repeat step 5.
8) Repeat step 4.
9) Repeat step 5.
10) Press N to finish recording.

Macroing for Multiple Chars

Let's say you have certian keys the same on EVERY char.

example: Z for sit X for /clear C for Mount / for a global guild tag [setnick <name> (guild)]

and you just made a BRAND new character...

Instead of having to put all these macros, why not just copy and paste?

  • Go into the folders in your Local Disk(C:) >Program Files>Graal>Levels>scriptfiles>Macros
  • It will have a name like cptmetal_character0.txt, Open it.
  • It should have a list of a random number = whatever the command is. Just copy and paste whatever commands you want macro'd into the cptmetal_character<number>.txt file of the new character, reconnect, and vua'la!
  • The macros are set.

This will be especially helpful if you have multiple characters with the same build, and want all the macros the same, without having to put all the effort into the macroing.

To figure out which slot responds to what number, just add 1 to the .txt number and that's the slot used.