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The purpose of this article is to uncover the mystery of certain mechanics in Zodiac. I (fowlplay4) originally posted this information on the Zodiac forums and am simply copying and pasting it here for now.

Attack Range for PVE (Mobbing)

You cannot just simply mass an entire room now.

Each weapon type has a hit-range on which it can attack. Meaning how many MOBS you can attack for your weapon type.

As it stands the weapon types go like this from highest to lowest.

Scythe's 10 MOBS

Spear's 9 MOBS

2H Sword' 9 MOBS

Pinwheel's 7 MOBS

All other weapon types 5 MOBS


Alright here's EXACTLY how to calculate it. You should be able to get the same or a close number.

How to calculate defense:

Symbol Notes:

  • = Multiplication

/ = Division

a = Sum of all the defense on your armor * (1 + ((Armor CMP * 2) / 100)) b = Sum of +Defense Mods on All Equipment (NOT +% Defense) c = (Sum of +%Defense Mods) / 100

If you have an armor piece for null defense modifiers, all positive effects that increase armor are not calculated

This is your defense before racial/buffs/squish effects

d = (a + b) * (1 + c)

If you're a Pyro/Aqua/Aero/Atlamancer, otherwise ignore this part.

d = d * (0.65 + (((Solidify CMP * 2) - 1) / 100))

If you have the skill Hardened Scales

d = d * 1.07

If you have the skill Tough Skin

e = 0.25 + (Tough Skin CMP * 0.0835) d = d + (Stamina * e)

The last step would be Buffs

d = d + (Flat Buff Armor Effect) d = d + (1 + (Buff % Armor Effect / 100))

d = Your calculated defense

Note % values assume you are using 0 - 100, not 0 - 1 values.


Modifier = 1 + (affinity / 100) - (opposing affinity / 200); Spell Damage = Spell Damage x Modifier NOTE: Each spell has a base amount of spell power. Any spell power gained from equipment is added onto the spell's individual amount of spellpower, then multiplied by the modifier.

Calculated Damage

This is the typical path damage is calculated, modifiers will not be documented for the public.

a = Initial Damage b = 0.19 (Minimum Damage Limit Factor)

Pre-Damage Modifiers are acted upon. (HP Reducing Effects, Accuracy/Dodge Boosts, etc.)

Note: Depending on the Pre-Damage Modifier it may skip the rest of the calculation.

If you have Stawart Defense CMP

b = b - (Stawart Defense CMP * 0.015)

Dodge is then tested. If the dodge rate is greater than the number rolled between 0 - 100, dodge is successful and the rest of the calculation is then skipped.

If magical damage is fire-based and has the skill Heat Affinity OR If magical damage is water-based and has the skill Cold Affinity OR If magical damage is earth-based and has the skill Nature Affinity OR If magical damage is dark-based and has the skill Shade Affinity

a = a * 0.95

If magical damage is light-based and has the skill Undead or has an item that makes them undead.

a = a * 1.20

Defense is then calculated

c = Defense

If magical damage

a = a - Magic Defense

If magical damage and has the skill Fairy Glow

a = a * 0.9

If magical damage and has the skill Rune of Warding

a = a * 0.85

Damage Modifiers are then acted upon. Depending on the modifier it may apply a debuff or modify the defense, or damage limit factor used in the following calculation.

Armor/Defense Buffs are then taken into consideration. These are Resist effects, etc. These also may modify defense or the damage limit factor.

If the player is sitting, defense is lowered.

c = c * 0.5

If the damage is from a player, the reduction formula is then used. Skip ahead if not from player.

r = (( c / (60 + Your Level * 34)) * 0.4)

If r is greater than 0.9

r = 0.9

Meaning the maximum reduction is 90%

a = a - (a * r) a = a / 3 a = a - (c * 0.15)

That's it for the (PVP) reduction formula.

This is the damage before the damage limit factor is considered.

d = a * b

If you have the Hardened Skin CMP the minimum damage limit is lower.

d = d * (1 - (0.2 * Hardened Skin CMP))

If the damage isn't magical damage, and the damage was from a baddy. (PvE)

a = a - c

If the damage is magical damage.

a = a - (c * 0.15)

If the damage is lower than the minimum damage limit.

a = d

Finally if the damage was from a player (PvP)

a = a * (1 - ((Your Level / 60) * 0.25))

Damage (a) is then forced to be between 0 and 99999.

Skills and various buffs are then taken into consideration but don't modify damage. (Thorns, etc.)

If you have Mana Shield it then takes the damage amount and does 25% of it as MP damage.

Critical Attack Damage

Critical Attack Damage Explained:

+X% Critical Attack Damage, increases the amount of critical damage, and the critical damage cap by Y%, Y is a very simple calculation. Y = X/2.

Basically, +2% Critical Attack Damage increases your critical damage cap by 100 damage.

When your critical damage is calculated it takes your normal damage and multiplies by (2 + Critical Attack Damage Modifiers). In the case of Nightblade's you have 24% critical attack damage.

Example of how it's calculated:

a = 1000 (Initial Damage) b = 24 (Critical Attack Damage Modifer)

When you crit..

c = a * (2 + (b / 100)) c = 2240

Drop Rates and Scavenge

Drop Rates

Baddies have a list of what it can drop, it cycles through the list and if the "random roll" is lower than the drop rate it drops it. Statistically, you are given a greater chance to receive a drop if the baddy has multiple items in it's drop list.

I.e (Fake rates):

War Cleaver 3%
SoTT 3%
Cyclone Dagger 3%
Halloween Armor 50%

You're given 4 chances to receive a drop that way.


1. Calculate the Total Scavenge Value
- Loops through each player in your party.
- If player has the Skill Scavenge: Rating +2
- If player has items with scavenge on them: Rating +(Total Scavenge on Items)
- If player has Morale Boost: Rating +2.5, +5 (I, II)
- If player has the Scavenge CMP: Rating +1.5, +3, +4.5 (Depending on CMP)

2. Drop Rate is then multipled by the scavenge rating. The math:

20 Scavenge Rating 3% Drop Rate

a = 1 + (20 / 100)
b = 3 / 100
rate = b * a

rate = 0.036

turning a 3% drop rate into a 3.6% drop rate.

Weapon Rating

For example Sword of the Tree's 8% Entangle rating: For the first time you hit somebody it rolls a random number between 0 and 100. Lets say you rolled a 52. It then adds your rating to that number. You now have 60. It continues to increase every time you hit them. 68 76 84 92 100 Now that its at least 100 The weapon's ability occurs, and 100 is subtracted, and it continues increasing. 8 16 24 etc.