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Nikwal's Page


March 15th, 2015

Welcome to my tiny page! I'm Nikwal, the guy with the moose head and now a FAQ of Zodiac. If you have any questions, open the player list by clicking F7 and choose "Nikwal", you may also message me when I'm not on tag. Regarding this page I will keep you informed about minor and mayor changes Zodiac has made, feel free to tell me what you think of these!

- to be continued -


The Holiday Dungeon in the Event House now features Leprechauns that might make you lucky! They currently drop Gold Fork, Shamrock (the same item from 2012), Coin Bag, Four Leaf Clover (also from 2012) and Irish Stout (also from 2012).

It's good to see Zodiac features some seasonal events such as the Zombie Dungeon or the Native Quests. Make sure to let the Event Team know if you have ideas for upcoming holidays!

Update 3rd of April 2015

The new Holiday Dungeon has been around for two days now. Make sure to use your chance to get items from 2014 like Carrot Sword, the Bunny Mount and the White Rabbit costume as well as a new mace! Quests have been added and if you gather 100 per Egg, you either get 1000 Throwable Eggs or a Golden Egg Costume including a cool rank. Enjoy the holiday season!