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Paladins are holy warriors who fight for the Will of God and use holy magic to smite the evil and rid the land of bad deeds, They show true courage and loyalty to their Religion and can use Swords & Maces.

Stat Gains

Paladins gain the following stats each class level:

  • 3 strength
  • 2 dexterity
  • 3 intelligence
  • 3.5 stamina
  • .5 luck


Name: Barrier
Price: 8,000
Level: 2
Info: Surrounds allies with a barrier.

Name: Reverence
Price: 10,000
Level: 4
Info: Reduces threat on your target.

Name: Recover
Price: 11,000
Level: 6
Info: Restores HP to your target.

Name: Resist
Price: 14,000
Level: 10
Info: Increases target's magic resistance.

Name: Protect
Price: 16,000
Level: 12
Info: Protects an ally.

Name: Conviction
Price: 11,000
Level: 13
Info: Adds holy power to physical attacks.

Name: Expel Evil
Price: 25,000
Level: 14
Info: Increases target's magic resistance.

Name: Smite
Price: 30,000
Level: 16
Info: Smites with holy power.

Name: Martyr
Price: 35,000
Level: 18
Info: Sacrifices self for party.

Name: Piercing Light
Price: 40,000
Level: 20
Info: Resists against dark magic.

Name: Light Spear
Price: 42,000
Level: 22
Info: Throws a spear of light.

Name: Blinding Aura
Price: 45,000
Level: 26
Info: Blinds anyone around you.

Name: Repulsion
Price: 48,000
Level: 28
Info: Throws enemies back.

Name: Will of God
Price: 50,000
Level: 30
Info: Gives conviction to party.

Name: Repentance
Info:Breaks conviction in order to stun.

Price: 56,000
Level: 34
Info: .

Class CMP

Wall- Increases the damage reduction of your Barrier spell by 2/0/0%.

Improved Protect- Raises the aggression transferred by Protect by 7/14/21%., adds a 2 second taunt PVP for all players targeting the effected player, and reduces the cooldown by 3 seconds.

Atonement- Hitting enemies with melee and Exorcise gives Atonement, which causes your next Exorcise or Minor Heal to be instant. Has a 6 second cooldown.

Provocation- Causes each physical attack to generate an additional 7/14/21% aggression.

Gift of God- Increases the effect of Will of God by 15% on you and by 7.5% on allies.

Aegis- Attacks received cause you to gain Conviction, and recover MP based on Defense. Has a 25 second cooldown.

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