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Always PM the NPCSERVER /classrestrictions Insert Race Name in-game before making a decision based on the information on these pages, the information in the game is always the most up-to-date.


There are various races on Zodiac which add bonuses to your character. They are accessed by using essences. They are dropped by different monsters amoungst the Zodiac world. When you use one of these essences, your level is reset to level one. And for every class that is going to use a different race, it is best to find out what they are good at, and what they do not need. Be careful in choosing the race you prefer for the class you are going to make.

Race Spreadsheet

Zodiac racesheet 5 19 2018 2.png


The Human Race is what you start with. It gives special benefits & it can be any class it wants to be.

  • Well-Rounded Race
  • +6 Strength at Level 60
  • +6 Intelligence at Level 60
  • +6 Dexterity at Level 60
  • +4 Stamina at Level 60
  • Stat Passive: Versatility (Increases Physical and Magical Damage by 4% and increases Experience gained by 5%)
  • Unique Passive: Adrenaline Rush (Reduces damage taken by 15% for 10 seconds after being reduced to 30% HP or less. This effect has a 30 second cooldown.)
  • Active: Poach (Applies a debuff to the target for 5 seconds and if they die within that time period the poacher is awarded Poached Spoils to sell to NPC shops.)
  • Can use all classes
  • Item for transformation: Human Essence


The Elven Race is a nimble, quick race who have grown adept to striking powerful critical blows. Their keen eyesight allows them to hit even through blinds. Since the elves like to live in natural environments, they have attuned to earth, and increases damage done with earth based weapons and spells.

  • Earth/Agile race
  • +1 Dexterity every 5 levels
  • +1 Intelligence every 5 levels
  • +1 Luck every 10 levels
  • Stat Passive: Nature Affinity (Adds 10 Earth Affinity)
  • Unique Passive: Precision (+15% accuracy, +3% Critical Rate, +7% Critical Damage)
  • Active: Plate Splitter (Next attack ignores armor)
  • Cannot be Gladiator
  • Item for transformation: Elven Essence


The Fairy Race is a mysterious, and magically attuned race, whom are very smart. They have natural talent for spellcasting, and they gain spell power over time. They can cast a magical aura around themselves to prevent harm.

  • Magic race
  • +1 intelligence every 2 levels
  • Stat Passive Innate Magic (+1 spell damage every 10 levels)
  • Unique Passive Fairy Glow (-10% magic damage)
  • Active: Mana Shield
  • Cannot be Monk, Warrior
  • Item for transformation: Fairy Essence


The Vampiric Race is a violent, undead war machine. They drain blood, and suck it back into themselves to replenish health. They are cold, and with black souls, they have attuned to the element of Darkness. They are very vulnerable to light, so they minimize damage to wreak havoc at night time, where they are their strongest.

  • Dark/Agile race
  • +1 intelligence every 4 levels
  • +1 strength every 3 levels
  • +1 dark affinity every 6 levels
  • Stat Passive: Red Feast (Returns 3% damage done as HP)
  • Unique Passive: Nightstalker (Extra haste and damage at night)
  • Active:Culling: Increases move speed towards targets at less than or equal to 30% max life
  • Cannot be Priest, Monk
  • Item for transformation: Vampiric Essence


The Lupin Race is a strong, fast, and clever race. They specialize in damage, and they can bolster their damage with a wolven howl. They are better at night time, and on a full moon, they are a force to be reckoned with.

  • Agile/Strong race
  • +1 strength every 3 levels
  • +1 dexterity every 3 levels
  • Stat Passive: Slasher(Increases damage with slashing weapons by 8%)
  • Unique Passive: Lunar Rise(Grants damage based on how full the moon is scaling from 0% to 10%)
  • Active: Wolven Howl(Bolsters your party members, increasing their attack speed by 20% for 6 seconds.
  • Cannot be Monk or Priest
  • Item for transformation: Lupin Essence


The Draconian Race is durable, tough, and built like a tank. They can withstand many attacks because of the hard scales they have for skin. And since they have lived in extreme heat, they are attune to Fire, and deal out more fire damage as a result.

  • Fire/Strong race
  • +1 strength every 4 levels
  • +1 stamina every 3 levels
  • Stat Passive: Heat Affinity (Adds 10 Fire Affinity)
  • Unique Passive: Hardened Scales (-7% physical damage taken)
  • Active: Ignited Scales (Ignites your scales causing attacks against you to be reflected as a burn.)
  • Cannot be Thief
  • Item for transformation:Draconian Essence


The Demonic Race is a scary foe to be up against. They can run as fast as a gale, and call spirits of past demons to aid them in their scourges, and have attuned to dark affinity, but not a much as vampire, for they must channel energy through other means.

  • Dark/Magic/Strong Race
  • +1 Strength every 5 levels
  • +1 Stamina every 5 levels
  • +1 Intelligence every 5 levels
  • Stat Passive: Shade Affinity (Adds 10 Dark Affinity)
  • Active: Abyssal Screech (Lets out an unholy screech that increases damage taken by surrounding enemies.)
  • Active:Demonic Windrunner (Your demonic powers bend your movement speed to make it seem incredible.)
  • Cannot be Ranger, Priest, or Monk
  • Item for transformation:Demonic Essence


The Goblin Race consists of fierce fighters. They prefer weapons that smash, bash, and stun their enemies. They can let loose a shrill shriek, which bolsters their damage. They are incredibly strong, and tough.

  • Strong race
  • +1 Strength every 3 levels
  • +1 Stamina every 4 levels
  • Stat Passive: Smasher (+8% damage with all blunt weapons)
  • Unique Passive: Greedy (Lowers duration of incoming disarms by 20%
  • Active: Battle Shriek lowers defense of nearby enemies by 10%.
  • Cannot be Scout or Mage
  • Item for transformation: Goblin Essence


The Naiad Race is a scrappy race, and has a special ability to pierce armor. They can swim as fast as a speeding boat, and since they live in the water, they naturally have a high affinity for water.

  • Water/Quick race
  • +1 Strength every 5 levels
  • +1 Dexterity every 5 levels
  • +1 Intelligence every 5 levels
  • Stat Passive: Cold Affinity (Adds 10 Water Affinity, 20% swim speed)
  • Unique Passive: Piercer (Increases your armor ignore with piercing weapons by 10%.(Piercer increases any damage you deal with Katars, Spears, and Bows.)
  • Active: Flood (Create a field of deep water.)
  • Can use all classes
  • Item for transformation: Aqueous Essence


The Puppin Race. Not much is known to us about this elegant, yet fierce race. They prefer battling in squads and parties, and will jump at any moment that any of their fellow fighters are injured in battle, and unleash utter fury on their opponent. They have mastered dodging, and hitting points right where it hurts. Since they pop in and out of battle like the wind, they have grown attune to wind.

  • Wind/Dodge race
  • +1 Dexterity every 3 levels
  • +1 Intelligence every 4 levels
  • Stat Passive: Gale Affinity (Adds 10 Wind affinity.)
  • Unique Passive: Crafty (Raises chance to dodge by 5%, and lowers duration of incoming controlling effects by 20%.)
  • Active: Ruse (Temporarily increases dodge by 30%.)
  • Cannot Be: Dark Knight
  • Item for transformation: Puppin Essence


The Pumpkin Race is basically a walking pumpkin. Not much more to explain, other than they can shoot other pumpkins at their enemies.

  • Halloween Special
  • Active: Pumpkin Shooter (A dark affinity version of fireball)
  • Cannot Be: Monk, Ninja, or Paladin
  • Item for transformation: Pumpkin Essence


Spawned from the churning waters of the river Styx itself, are born these ghouls. No other race can compare to how destructive and deadly these creatures can be. They are naturally born to kill, and are very intelligent, strong, and able. No matter what, this race is superior in damage, compared to any other race available.

  • Destruction Race
  • +1 Strength every 5 levels
  • +1 Dexterity every 5 levels
  • +1 Intelligence every 5 levels
  • Stat Passive: Sanction of Oblivion (Magic increases by 7% and physical damage increases by 7% for user (3% magic and 3% physical damage for all party members)
  • Unique Passive: Damning Touch (Every time you land a physical attack you place a 1 second debuff on your target, next time they heal, drain, or regen you take 40% of that for yourself, then the skill is placed on a cooldown.)
  • Active: Ethereal Form (For 6 seconds you become immune to damage, but not controlling effects. Buff is removed prematurely if you attack or use any skill.)
  • Can use all classes
  • Item for transformation: Stygian Essence


Durable & very strong, this race is extreme in it's savage, cannibalistic nature. They are undead, so it takes more effort to keep them alive. If a Zombie devours you, you'd be lucky to still be yourself. However if you're not so lucky, reports of a faint green light...

  • Durable/Strong race
  • +20 Strength at Level 60
  • +20 Stamina at Level 60
  • Eternal March: Allows the Undead to revive upon dying with a 2 minute cooldown
  • Cannibalize: Devours a corpse, giving back HP and boosting speed temporarily.
  • Relentless: Increases the Undead's damage as their HP grows weaker. (<=80%: +3.3%, <=60%: 6.6%, <==40%: +10%)
  • Can use all classes
  • Item for transformation: Infected Vial


The six-winged might of god inflamed, the Seraphim are a mighty race of angelic holy magic users. Their art of light magic allows them to cast spells quicker, and be invulnerable for a small amount of time. Since they descended from the throne of god, they can use more light damaging techniques.

  • Light/Strong race
  • +1 Strength every 4 levels
  • +1 Intelligence every 3 levels
  • Stat Passive: Radiance (Adds 10 Light Affinity)
  • Unique Passive: Ascendance (Lowers the duration of cooldowns by 15%.)
  • Active: Seraphic Flight (Grants you immortality, but prevents you from taking any action.)
  • Cannot Be: Thief, Scout, Necromancer, Gladiator, Ninja
  • Item for transformation: Seraphic Artifact


A mighty small race of Plants whom survived within the depths of Zodiac.

  • Healing race
  • +1 Dexterity every 6 levels
  • +1 Intelligence every 4 levels
  • +1 Luck every 6 levels
  • Stat Passive: Abundant Growth (Increases the potency of your heals by 7%)
  • Unique Passive: Photosynthesis (The daylight invigorates you, gradually restoring HP and MP over time. Amount restored increases while remaining in place.)
  • Active: Aromatherapy (You emit a soothing aroma around you, cleansing all players within its radius. Those affected move slowly and are pacified for a moment or until damaged.)
  • Can use all classes
  • Item for transformation: Flourishing Crystal

Christmas Elf

Ho ho ho! Fill yourself with holiday cheer.

  • Christmas Special
  • +1 Strength every 5 levels
  • +1 Dexterity every 5 levels
  • +1 Intelligence every 5 levels
  • Active: Egg Nog (Grants your target HP & MP regen but significantly lowers their accuracy.)
  • Can use all classes
  • Item for transformation: Christmas Elf Essence


A strange looking rock from outer space.

  • +1 Strength every 3.5 levels (17 at lv. 60)
  • +1 Stamina every 3.5 levels (17 at lv. 60)
  • +1 Intelligence every 4 levels (15 at lv. 60)
  • +1 1 Luck every 6 levels (10 at lv. 60)
  • Passive: Adaptation (You adapt to attacks by your enemy and gain resistance)
  • Passive: Regenerative Tissue (You tissues regenerate themselves naturally, healing your wounds)
  • Cannot Be: Monk, Gladiator, Bladeweaver
  • Item for transformation: Strange Egg

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