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Rangers are masters of marksmanship. They have very high dexterity and can use any bow. At higher levels, they can thread their arrows with magic or shoot three arrows at once.

  • Ranger is derived from Level 10 Scout and Level 10 Mage.

Stat Gains

Rangers gain the following stats each class level:

  • 2 strength
  • 4 dexterity
  • 2 intelligence
  • 2.5 stamina
  • 1.5 luck


Name: Bow Mastery
Price: 8,000
Level: 2
Info: Increases bow damage.
Cooldown: 0 Seconds.

Name: Split Shot
Price: 9,000
Level: 4
Info: Gives a chance to shoot 3 arrows.
Cooldown: 0 Seconds.

Name: Pathfinding
Price: 10,,000
Level: 6
Info: Lets you to move over rough terrain.
Cooldown: 0 Seconds.

Name: Imbue: Fire
Price: 12000
Level: 8
Info: Imbues arrows with fire magic.
Cooldown: 0 Seconds.

Name: Imbue: Water
Price: 14,000
Level: 10
Info: Imbues arrows with water magic.
Cooldown: 0 Seconds.

Name: Imbue: Earth
Price: 16,000
Level: 12
Info: Imbues arrows with earth magic.
Cooldown: 0 Seconds.

Name: Imbue: Wind
Price: 18,000
Level: 14
Info: Imbues arrows with wind magic.
Cooldown: 0 Seconds.

Name: Seeking Missile
Price: 22,500
Level: 16
Info: Shoots a seeking arrow.
Cooldown: 0 Seconds.

Name: Volley
Price: 28,000
Level: 18
Info: Fires a volley of arrows.
Cooldown: 20 Seconds.

Name: Camouflage
Price: 32,000
Level: 20
Info: Blends in with the terrain.
Cooldown: 10 Seconds.

Name: Exploding Arrow
Price: 40,000
Level: 22
Info: Shoots an explosive arrow.
Cooldown: 5 Seconds.

Name: Mist Shot
Price: 43,000
Level: 24
Info: Shoots a misty arrow.
Cooldown: 15 Seconds.

Name: Overdraw
Price: 48,000
Level: 26
Info: Overdraws the bow to fire a arrow at extreme velocity.
Cooldown: 0 Seconds.

Name: Trap: Ice
Price: 52,000
Level: 28
Cooldown: 60 Seconds.

Name: Trap: Earth
Price: 55,000
Level: 30
Cooldown: 60 Seconds.

Name: Trap: Water
Price: 60,000
Level: 32
Cooldown: 60 Seconds.

Name: Trap: Fire
Price: 70,000
Level: 34
Cooldown: 60 Seconds.

Class CMP

Combustion- Increases the damage of Explosive Arrow by 7/14/21%.

Improved Split Shot- Raises chance of Split Shot activating by 2/4/6%.

Acidic Mist- Gives Mist Arrow's effect the ability to last 2/4/6 seconds after the mist disappears.

Homing Missile- Reduces the cooldown of Seeking Missile by 1/2/3 second(s).

Barrage- Allows Volley to hit between 1 and 2/3/4 times.

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