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These are the official rules and are to be followed and obeyed. They are enforced by Player Relations team and certain other staff members. Punishments range from as light as minor jails to as extreme to permanent ban. Warnings are not necessary and are at the courtesy of the prosecutor.

Third Party Programs

A third party program is defined as a program outside of Graal that affects game play whether through editing values or performing actions that are inaccessible to players normally. Typical punishment of this offense is a thirty day ban (and full account reset in some cases).


The subject of harassment occurs in the real world, cyber world and will be enforced on the server of Zodiac. Harassment is defined as the repeated and persistent disturbance of another. There are various forms of harassment and these include:

  • Racial and Ethnic
  • Placing ones race over another or demeaning another ones (implementation counts as well)
  • Extreme vulgarity and sexuality
  • Very very very strong language use.
  • Pedophilia
  • The seduction of minors.
  • Real-Life Informations
  • The display of real life information is prohibited through shouts, player text, player personal messages (PMs) or any other form of communication.
  • Sexual harassment
  • The pursuit of the opposite or same sex using sexually explicit words.
  • Stalking
  • Repeatedly following someone with the intention of making the target uncomfortable. This can include following someone to dungeons and blocking doors just to kill them.
Note: These are only examples of what harassment may be. Harassment is very broad and is interpreted many ways. The Player Relations team is trained in identifying harassment.

Glitch / Bug Exploitation

The server is ever-changing when it comes to script code and with this bugs and glitches are known to appear. If a player uses the glitch or bug to gain an advantage over the other players, the abuser will be dealt with accordingly. You are just as guilty as well if you fail to report the problem.

Spar PKing

This includes the illegal killing of players in the spar arena such as

  • Entering a Spar Arena after someone has lost and finishing them off.
  • Beginning a spar without the other player acknowledging that the spar is about to take place.
  • Killing a player in a Spar Arena without saying start

Door Blocking

The rule on door blocking is simple. There shouldn't be any type of door blocking that would hinder game play of others, this includes but not limited to blocking dungeon doors while someone is trying to level.

  • This rule is excluded in raiding situations. It is a viable strategic plan used for defensive purposes in raids.
  • It is also excluded in certain PKing situations. If a player is constantly running inside and outside of a building, you may block said building to prevent them from laming.

Door Laming

Using offensive moves at the entrances of doors is illegal. It is also illegal making a box around the entrance permitting no movement for the player. Exceptions include:

  • A player is running in and out of doors during combat.

Lending Items

If you do so, it's at your own risk and your item will not be returned to you if it is stolen.(This is up to staff's discretion.)

Shout / Trade Channels

These channels are NOT to be abused. The following are restrictions to the channels:


  • Advertising external websites that aren't Graal or Zodiac Related that could be considered inappropriate.


  • Sending shouts that just take of space and have no meaning. Shouting more than three times in a row.


  • Excessive or use of extremely vulgar language/subjects.

Cross Server Trading

  • What happens on Zodiac stays on Zodiac. Trading items on Zodiac for items on another server is illegal and if caught advertising/participating in this, you stand a chance of being for 7 days up to being banned for 30 days and reset. If you lose items through this method, it is not our problem. It is illegal and should not have been done in the first place.

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