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This is a list of the current staff of Zodiac. It will be updated if any changes are made to the staffing.

Current Staffing

(Manager) fowlplay4

(Development Admin) ketsomaru

(Development) Symmasolan (Symm) GraalO1 (Graal753610)

(Levels) Natey Adogg93

(Graphics) Pelikan/AllTheBaron

(Ganis) [none]

(Graal Police Admin) Raven613

(Graal Police) Megiddo (Graal801490) Fireenn (Graal752841) bls3594

(Events Admin) tiu359 (Graal757177) Adogg93 (Graal774203)

(Events) Fireenn (Graal752841) Kuzative (Graal760549) Nikwal (Graal747216) ThunderCowNinja (Graal947983) momoboy Third3rd

(FAQ) (Frequently Asked Questions) Nikwal

(Staff) DarkSeer

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