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As you level up, you gain statistics pending on your class level. You can also gain statistics with certain armor and weapons. Depending on what stat bonuses you prefer, obtain an essence and change your Races, and Change your Zodiac Signs, too. If you choose the best for your character, you will be more powerful, therefore making you a better player killer, and a monster hunter. Choose the appropriate prefix and suffix for your Armor. Certain Weapons can also boost your stats. Alongside armor, Accessories will boost your stats, too. Always make sure you have the best stat boosts for your character. You can access your stats and check on how you're doing in this area by pressing W while in-game on Zodiac. If you want to upgrade any of these stats further, once you reach level 60, you will have the choice to CMP it, (Class Mastery Points) which can upgrade a variety of stats and bonuses.


Strength increases damage with some weapons. If you want to seriously damage your opponents, strength upgrades work. Strength works the best with physical classes, like Gladiator or Monk. Strength is necessary for Player Killing. If you have little strength, your attacks won't do very much damage. Strength increases damage with Swords, Two-Handed Swords, Axes, Morning Stars, Maces, Scythes, and Spears. Strength can be more or less upgraded on your character by choosing the appropriate Races.


Dexterity increases dodge, hit rate, and damage with some weapons. If you want to be nimble, and a good scavenger, dexterity will do just that. It increases your dodge rate, which makes it harder for players and monsters to accurately hit you. Dexterity is good for quick and nimble classes like Thief and Bladeweaver. It helps you more accurately throw your attacks at your enemies, so you will hit more often. It increases the damage with Katars, Daggers, Pinwheels, Bows and Katanas. Choose the appropriate Race if you want to upgrade this stat.


Stamina increases health points. If you want to survive in this world, you're going to need health points. So what better way to increase health points? Stamina boosts your health. And if you want a lot of health to fight more enemies, then you're going to want to improve your stamina. Stamina, can be improved permanently by choosing the appropriate Race.


Intelligence increases magic points and magic damage. So if you want to cast more spells, and cause more magic damage, then increase your intelligence. Magic works well with mages, summoners, and all the mancers. Intelligence is a must-have for magic users, it increases your capacity to store magic. So if you want to improve this aspect, pick the right Race.


Luck increases critical rate. Critical attacks are basically your attack power focused into one attack. Critical attacks, when you land them appear orange, rather than the usual red. Very handy to have, to give you that edge in the heat of battle. If you want this handy stat, choose the right Race.

Health Points

Health points are what keeps you above death. It's that red meter at the top left corner of your screen. Whenever you damage an opponent, a red number appears. That is how many health points you take away. If you want to increase your health points, upgrade your stamina. And if you want to have your opponents health go down faster, you should upgrade strength, dexterity, or intelligence depending on your class type. Your health increases over time, and depending on your Classes, your health points will vary. If you are more of a physical class, then you should upgrade stamina and strength with the appropriate Race.

Magic Points

Skills require magic points to perform. If you don't have enough MP for a skill, you cannot use it. You will need Magic points, no matter what class you are, to perform a skill, unless it is a passive skill. Magic points is that blue meter right below Health points. And depending on your class, you will gain more magic points to cast more spells. Magic regenerates little by little over time, but if you want to make it regenerate faster, sit down (say /sit) or find a bed and sleep in it. If you want to get more magic points, choose the appropriate Race to boost intelligence.