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Here is an (incomplete) list of Zodiac acronyms.
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AM- Archmage's (prefix to armor)
AP- Atlas Pendant
BB- Berserker Band
BC- Battlechanter
BD- Bad Dreams Dungeon
BG- Bestial Guardian
BL- Blood Lust (from using Potion of Blood)
BM- Battlemaster's (prefix to armor)
BoC- Band of Christmas
BoR- Band of Radiance
Builds - different levels in your character.
creset- Class reset, a command in OSL that resets your class, but still retains your levels
CBoB- Cursed Blade of Blood
CD- Cyclone Dagger
CoI- Cane of Isis
CoR- Cinquedea of Ruin
DE- Devouring Edge
DK- Dark Knight
DoR- Dagger of Ra
DPS- Damage per second, any character who can deal high amounts of damage in short time
DT- Dragon's Tongue
EC- Event Coin
EP- Event Point
FB- Frozen Bastille/Fire Bow
FE- Flowing Edge
FP - Freeport, renamed as Harborage
HoA- Heart of Abraxis
LF- looking for
MK- Magma Katars
MotNY- Mark of the Ninth Year
NB- Nightblade's (prefix to armor)
NFS - 'Not for Sale'
OP- Osiris Pendant
OSL- Online Start Local, where you usually respawn. PB- Pharoah's Blood
PC - Price Check
RoP- Ring of Pyre
RS- Ruby Stiletto
RoT- Ring of Thor/Rod of Time
SC- Shiva's Charm
SD- Seryl Dungeon
SE- Sonic Edge
SoS- Staff of Suffering
SoD- Scythe of Dreams
SotF- Slayer of the Fallen
SotT- Sword of the Trees
ST- Shiva's Tear
Tank- A character who has high defense, able to take on monsters head on with it's defensive abilites
TW- Timeweaver
VE- Virulent Edge
WC- War Cleaver
w/c- wrong chat
ZK- Zephyr Katars
ZQ- Zephyr Quiver

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